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What is a lowering module and why should I have one?

Posted by Hans D. on

We get this question quite often so hopefully this blog post will be helpful to you.

Some cars are equipped with  a factory electronically controlled air or hydraulic suspension system.  In the case of Mercedes Benz they are called Airmatic and ABC for active body control respectively. 

There are several reasons to install a lowering module in your car.  For the performance enthusiast an electronic lowering module will lower the ride height to improve handling by lowering the center of gravity. It will also help the car to hook and put the power down. These lowering module will allow you to make FINE adjustments the ride height of the car either through your steering wheel controls, a remote control or with knobs on the lowering module itself. 

For the client who wants to change the looks of his vehicle, a lowering module should be the first thing one does. You can dramatically give your car or SUV the look you want.  We always recommend a lowering module before changing wheels as the module will remove the wheel gap.  Wheel size is often misunderstood and just because you are getting larger wheels, lets say upgrading to 20" wheels from the factory 18" wheels the wheel gap will stay the same.  You are just using a smaller profile tire on that 20" wheel.  The rolling diameter of that wheel and tire will remain the same.

Here is an example  of the wheel gap removed that a customer sent us:

You can put the car at the EXACT ride height you prefer from a cosmetic standpoint by adjusting the car in 1/8" increments up to -2.0" lower.  You can even go lower on SUV's.  These lowering modules will allow you to adjust the ride height (independently front and rear) to your desired cosmetic preference.

In case you come up to a steep curb or something, you will still have the option to use the (HIGH raised position) button on the dash board.

We also have sold lowering modules to customers for much more practical reasons dare we say.  For instance we have sold modules so a disabled vetern  can easily enter and exit his Mercedes SUV.  We have also sold lowering modules for clients that have a roof rack and like to keep her car in the garage.  She simply lowers the SUV prior to pulling into the garage.